What Even Is Mint Mobile?

Are They The New T-Mobile?

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In short…

No, Mint Mobile is not a major competitor of the telecommunications giants T-Mobile or Verizon. However, they are a company that is here to stay. There business model works perfectly in grabbing an audience and their backing from Ryan Reynolds gets them an edge over other “small” tech companies.

The audience that Mint Mobile grabs is people who are looking for a inexpensive version of mobile plans and the way they are able to do that is quite interesting.

Mint Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which in short is a company that offers wireless services, but does not actually own the wireless infrastructure i.e. the towers. So because Mint Mobile does not own their own servers they actual have a contract in using T-Mobile’s towers and servers. This way they can offer low rates because all they need to cover is the price of leasing tower usage. Another way they are able to cut costs is by offering plans in bulk. Essentially what they do is have you purchase plans from a 3,6 or 12 month period ahead of time which saves the extra risk of collection monthly. Lastly, the real way they are able to keep such a low price is by not owning any brick-and-mortar stores and operating solely online. This creates the possibility to have one centralized area for business operations and allows them to not have any cost of leasing property, hiring staff and risk deficit spending from poor store locations.

The background of Mint Mobile is just as interesting. It actually was created by David Glickman, Founder, and Rizwan Kassim, Managing Partner, in 2015 as a subsidiary of Ultra Mobile. They worked to create Mint Mobile by selling SIM cards to people who could put them in their phones and essential have a phone plan without any pesky fees. Mint Mobile was so successful that in 2019 it decided to separate from its parent company, Ultra Mobile, to become Mint Mobile LLC. From this announcement is when actor and businessman Ryan Reynolds was announced as partial owner of the company and has since become the public face of the Mint Mobile.

Businesses like Mint Mobile pop up day by day and when they become successful is when we start paying attention. It is always good to understand how a business operates and knowing a little more about Mint Mobile could give you an edge when talking to business professionals or help you to start understanding how the telecommunications industry works.



Analyst and Undergraduate Student @University of South Carolina

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