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Content Creator, Analyst, and Undergraduate Student @University of South Carolina


  • Dominic Holmes

    Dominic Holmes

    Data Scientist, Toronto Canada.

  • Riley Lewis

    Riley Lewis

    Creating an open financial system for the world. www.

  • David Carpenter

    David Carpenter

    Sharing money lessons I’ve learned on my journey from debt to Financial Independence.

  • Carly Barrett

    Carly Barrett

    Copywriter. Dog Mum. Goal Digger. Introvert. Chronically Evolving.

  • James Hunt

    James Hunt

    Toronto. Open to consulting and new opportunities.

  • Alex Mnatsakanov

    Alex Mnatsakanov

    Dad to Sophie, immigrant, world traveler, amateur photographer, product manager. Instagram:

  • Zachary Hussain

    Zachary Hussain

    ***A subreddit for sharing trip reports from some of our favourite travel writers; professional or amateur.***

  • Gabriel Burton

    Gabriel Burton

    Data Scientist | Data Science Instructor @ General Assembly, D.C.

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